From time to time serious illness and injuries occur.  Minor to moderate illness and injuries can often be handled in the office. Serious injuries and illness need to be seen in the Emergency Department and sometimes need EMS transport. Below is a list of some examples of different categories of problems and where they are best handled.

Type of illness or Injury See in the Office See in the ER Call EMS
Respiratory (coughing, wheezing, fever) wheezing but breathing comfortably, most coughs, any degree of fever wheezing with shortness of breath, coughing non-stop, pale or blue skin color severe shortness of breath, blue color, can't see chest moving,
Fevers most all fevers Infants under 4 weeks old go to ER for fever. none unless other problems
vomiting and diarrhea most all if severe belly pain or looking very listless if lethargic
seizures most seizures that have stopped multiple seizures, new seizures seizures that do not stop or if there is poor color
injuries falls less than 3 feet, patient is stable, no loss of consciousness, simple lacerations, sprains, back aches motor vehicle accidents, any loss of consciousness, fall over 3 feet severe injury, continued bleeding, concern for severe head injury
rashes most all rashes can be seen in the office including hives   Hives with difficulty breathing
bites most simple animal and human bites BATS, severely torn skin  
psychological anxiety or depression, mild to moderate severe depression, risk of injury to self or others aggressive behavior, out of control
POISONINGS  CALL (800) 848-6946  CALL (800) 848-6946  CALL (800) 848-6946

We attempt to see all sick children on the day that you call. Some minor problems may be turned away from night clinic if we are very busy such as during flu season. This may include chronic belly pain, constipation, chronic headaches or backaches, and chronic behavioral problems. We currently do not perform "checkups" on nights and weekends.